Where the Time Goes

by Gale Renee Walden
GusGus Press
Publication date: April 2017


In Where The Time Goes Walden considers the yada, yada of romance, her mother’s beginning Alzheimers, the ghost of a dog digging up her bone. Things are ordinary until they aren’t–antique post office boxes are time travel machines, Jack-in-the-Box fast food machines talk back to people, and the end-of-the-world weather blows simulacrum through prairies and deserts. This poet takes you on a road trip under skies flirting with transgression.

Why we signed Where the Time Goes . . .
Gale Renee Walden’s poetry has been anthologized in multiple books and teaching texts.  Her last poetry book, Same Blue Chevy, sold remarkably well for a poetry book and was reviewed extensively.  She is a transgressive spiritual poet, whose considerations move from lawn ornaments, to the end of the world weather, from romance to grief.  She is a poet of thinking, seeing, and of Americana.

Praise for Gale Walden’s Same Blue Chevy. . .
“The intelligence and faithfulness to her vision that moves thought the poems make even flat landscape voluptuous with meaning.” — Susan Swartwout, American Book Review


About the Author . . .
Gale Renee Walden is the author of Same Blue Chevy (Tia Chucha/Northwestern University Press). Her fiction and non-fiction have appeared nationally in literary and mainstream magazines, She has won the Boston Review Annual Fiction Prize, had a notable short story in the Best American Fiction, and has been a feature poet in The Spoon River Poetry Review. Her poetry travels from desert to prairie, childhood to aging and back again in this, her newest collection, Where The Time Goes.