The Eyes of the Doe

by Patricia Taylor Wells
Bink Books
Publication date: December 2017


“Ever since the day she was born, she could aggravate me one moment, then leave me feeling ashamed for not being a better mother the very next. She simply wants more and needs more than I ever have to give her.”

In 1963, Holly Hendricks and her family moved from the small East Texas town where they have strong roots and connections to the big city of Dallas. Against a backdrop of local and worldwide turbulence, their once close ties are fragmented and each falls prey to their own pathos following a tragic loss of a much-wanted son. With her mother not coming to terms with losing a son and the father having a breakdown, fourteen-year-old Holly returns to the small town to stay with her Grandma and to try to cope with the loss.

Why we signed The Eyes of the Doe . . .
We liked the approach of the story being told from the perspective of the different family menbers to define the family dynamics. It was interesting to see how the title fits the book.

From the Author . . .
My inspiration was a similar life experience and poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay: “The Buck in the Snow,” which expresses how quickly and unexpectedly life can be taken away. Those left behind are forever wary as they go about their lives.

My father actually did tie apples in an oak tree when I was young in response to my wanting an apple tree. I live by what he taught me from that experience: I could have anything I wanted if I waited long enough and thought hard enough about it.

About the Author . . .
Patricia Taylor Wells, holds a BA in English and French and has facilitated writing critique groups for the Atlanta Writers Club and Knoxville Writers Group. Her first book was Camp Tyler, A First of its Kind for the benefit of Camp Tyler, the oldest outdoor education school in the country,. Most of Ms. Wells’ writing has been directed at serving organizations and causes important to her. The first chapter of The Eyes of the Doe placed as a finalist in the 2016 First Chapter Competition for Historical Fiction. She especially enjoys writing poetry and draws inspiration from the wide range of experience she gathered from her travels and living in a variety of places. She currently lives in Tyler, Texas with her husband Bob and their dog Kaspar.