Shadow the Sandhill Crane

by Patricia Taylor Wells
Bink Books
Publication date: September 2017


Before he becomes dinner for a stray cat, the orphaned chick Shadow gets rescued by the “bird people” of the International Crane Foundation in Baraboo, Wisconsin. When the little crane heals, it’s time for him to be rehabilitated to survive in the wild. So Shadow comes to live with the Joneses because every year Sandhill cranes nest and feed in the marsh behind their dairy farm.

Told in the voice of a young daughter in the Jones family, this true story will appeal to readers age five and up interested in learning more about Sandhill cranes, the work of the International Crane foundation, and farm life in Wisconsin. Shadow is based on a real rescue bird from the International Crane Foundation.


Why we signed Shadow the Sandhill Crane . . .
We love the cause of saving other species and their habitat and that this is a true story. We also liked that the author’s daughters wanted her story published and that proceeds will go to the International Crane Foundation.

We would love to hire a top notch illustrator to bring this heartwarming story to life. This, of course, adds to the upfront expenses, so we’re offering an extra set of Wings for the artwork. You’ll also be helping the International Crane Foundation.
From the Author . . .
Hazel passed away in 2011, and while sorting through family genealogy material her eldest daughter Alice found the manuscript of Shadow, which she always wanted to publish. It is our hope her story can now become a children’s book as she wished.


About the Author . . .
Hazel Keays Northey taught in a one-room schoolhouse and, as the wife of a dairy farmer, nurtured all kinds of animals and her growing family. When she heard about a neighboring farm that had a “pet” Sandhill crane, a rescue bird from the International Crane Foundation, she combined her love of writing and animals to tell their story.

Aside from her work at Old World Wisconsin, Alice is on the board of Plowshares Fair Trade Market in Waukesha, Wisconsin and participates in quilting, knitting, and book clubs. Susan taught public school in Wisconsin for thirty-five years, spending most of those years as an elementary school librarian.