Restless Dreams

by Karen Pullen
GusGus Press
Publication date: September 2017


The characters in the eighteen stories that comprise Restless Dreams, a collection of short stories, share a certain resemblance: tired eyes, a slow trudging step, and the distracted air of someone with lots on her mind, some of it unspeakable. But despite sore feet and an aching heart, each yearns for better days, aims for what is right, and makes it all work somehow. She’s a cop, a mom, a saleswoman, nanny, teacher, hairdresser, teen. None have it easy, but they don’t give up their restless dreams of a more perfect life.

Why we signed Restless Dreams . . .
Pullen has the ability to take ordinary characters doing ordinary things and giving them a memorable twist. When stories stay with you long after reading, you know you have something very special.

From the Author . . .
Nearly all the narrators of these stories are women. They yearn for something better, so they are pensive.


About the Author . . .
Karen Pullen’s restless dreams were achieved when she escaped the cubicle and took up fiction writing. After earning an MFA from Stonecoast at the University of Southern Maine, she published two traditional mystery novels, Cold Feet and Cold Heart, both with Five Star Cengage, and numerous short stories. Karen serves on the national board of Sisters in Crime, and works as an innkeeper, editor, and teacher of writing. She lives in Pittsboro, North Carolina, and blogs occasionally on her website,