Always an Orphan

by Shelby Adams Lloyd
Bink Books
Publication date: May 2017


“I was an orphan then, I am an orphan now, and I will always be an orphan.” For years, people have told Shelby Adams Lloyd that she should write about her life growing up in the Oxford Orphanage in Oxford, North Carolina, and how she lived and worked while learning a trade there. Shelby finally sat down at the computer and started her story of living in the orphanage. She took a deep breath as she remembered what she went through and how she overcame the rejections she has felt since being a child. Always an Orphan is a loving memoir of a unique childhood to this day where family are the orphans Shelby grew up with, and home is the orphanage she looks back upon with pride and love.


Why we signed Always an Orphan . . .
Interesting historical time. Orphan not just meaning without parents but also given up by living parents. Learning about large state/church run orphanages in the south. It’s a true story told with honesty and love.

From the Author . . .

Always An Orphan is about my life when my grandfather decided he didn’t want my sister and me because my grandmother had died. He was a wealthy farmer and thought we would be better at Oxford Orphanage in Oxford, North Carolina since he was a Mason. We knew no one and he didn’t tell us where we were going and what his plans were when we arrived at a big house. We felt unloved because he had left us with strangers. While living in the orphanage I found what the word Love meant. I now have hundreds of orphan brothers and sisters. When I go home each year for our annual homecoming I want to run throughout the front lawn and tell God that I am so thankful I can call the orphanage my home.



About the Author . . .
Shelby Adams Lloyd retired to Southport, North Carolina in 1999 with her husband, Donald. They has three children and six grandchildren. Their grandchildren are important to her and she will do anything in her power to keep them safe. Loving to read, she started writing at the age of 64. Shelby is active in her church and helps to cook for the members of Trinity United Methodist Church every week on Wonderful Wednesday. If she isn’t at the computer or reading a book that one of her writer friends has written, she is crocheting more sweaters.