2017 Books


We have an amazing lineup of unique books for 2017–middle grade readers, young adult, literary fiction and nonfiction. They each have a page in the Angels for Books Campaign document and also listed below for quick review.


A Penny on the Tracks by Alicia Joseph

Always an Orphan by Shelby Adams Lloyd

Dog Church by Gail Gilmore

Dovecote by Anne Britting Oleson

Dungeness by Karen Polinsky

From Beneath the Snow by Michelle Carter

Ghosters by Diana Corbitt

Girls Like Me by Nina Packebush

Good People by E.J. Runyon

Kingstone by Katherine Hetzel

My Music Man by Dede Montgomery

Restless Dreams by Karen Pullen

Secrecy and Synchronicity by Cherie Batista

Shadow the Sandhill Crane by Hazel Keays Northey, Susan Wood and
Alice Lundstrom

Surviving Amelia by Naomi Rand

The Eyes of the Doe by Patricia Taylor Wells

The Lady Professor by Robert L. Switzer

Where the Time Goes by Gale Renee Walden